WVWare’s Review Of Koi CBD Oil Products

Some studies have shown that CBD oil can be more effective when used topically. KOI CBD has made sure that their lavender oil contains zero percent THC. It’s an excellent option for people suffering from certain conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis. You simply need to apply it on the affected area of your skin/body several times a day, and experience swelling and pain relief- which is why we here at WVWare are reviewing it.


KOI Health Bites


These KOI CBD Health Bites are explicitly designed for dogs. Each pack costs $29.99 and contains 10 bone-shaped biscuits, each containing 22mg of CBD. It’s recommended that dogs weighing below 20 pounds should be given half a biscuit daily while those weighing above 20 pounds should be given a full biscuit.

KOI CBD Products: Where to Buy Them

The popular KOI CBD brand is available on an array of websites around the world– including an array of the UK sites. However, it’s always best to purchase these products from the KOI CBD official website. This is not only secure but also convenient.

The KOI CBD website houses an array of original products plus other vital vaping accessories. For instance, you can purchase the KOI Fitt Starter Kit (from ENVII), which comes with a vaporizer and charging port in addition to charging cable plus a Blue Pod for only $44.99.

You can also purchase the KOI Stik, another exciting accessory, which is always marketed as the easiest & fastest way to kick-start your vaping journey. This accessory is available for only $16.99. Moreover, the KOI Stik accessory comes with an empty pod as well as a 30ml bottle (which is also empty) for re-filling the pods. You can get each of these pod two-pack for only $8.99 with a holding 1.8ml capacity of KOI CBD liquid.

Alternatively, users can drop the oil under their tongues & forget about purchasing vaping accessories!

KOI CBD: The Bottom-line

KOI CBD is a reputable company dealing with all your KOI CBD products. Their products are authentic and promise to introduce new products to the market, such as the KOI naturals and WVWare. So, if you are a vaping fan, KOI CBD got you covered. Grab the chance and take your vaping experience to the next level.