5 Best Linux Distro For Programming Discussed!

It is essential for every programmer or developer to know the best Linux distro for programming available. Here are the topmost 5 discussed for better understand.

Best Linux Distro For Programming

Only a programmer would know the real curse of selecting the best Linux distro for programming. It is not easy to work on the compatibility of the different programmes along the lines of the Linux distro.

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There are several elements that have to be weighed in and out to decide on which distribution programme will suit the best. Before you get into any discussion as to which distro one should pick, there are 5 elements that you need to consider seriously:

1)    availability of packages

2)    programming language

3)    support

4)    speed of their update

5)    tools used

Also, there will be other non-functional requirements like the desktop environment and stability for any Linux distro to work at its best.

Among a list of programmes that are chosen by most of the programmers for Linux distributions would be:

  • Ubuntu:

Ubuntu Linux

It is considered to be one of the premier desktop Linux. Most of the software vendors latch on to this platform and has received tremendous support from its vendors as compared with other distro programmes. All that any developer or a programmer would need is the .deb installer and the platform will be ready for download. A simple click and the programmer would be at a massive receiving end. However, one needs to be careful about what kind of project he will be working on. Accordingly, it will be easier to choose the specific version of the software.

Plus Points:

  • Ubuntu comes with an LTS version that is supported for a minimum of 5 years.
  • The non-LTS version, you will be supported for a minimum of 9 months.
  • Ubuntu comes with an unmatched stability. The programmers will find this platform dependable enough for the work base.


  • openSUSE:

openSUSE Linux

If you are looking for something sophisticated in the Linux distributions then you should be looking out for openSUSE. It comes with a superb fan following when it comes to the development sector. This platform is known to offer amazing freedom to the developers when it comes to using it for any project. It is said that the programme will be updated on a regular basis. Before any update is released, it will be tested well. The best part is that since there are several versions, you can choose to work on any platform that suits your requirement the best.

Plus Points:

  • The existing openSUSE Leap version is supported for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Leap 42.2 comes with amazing stability as a tool for the developers.
  • Any user will never come across any bug while working on any project with this platform.


  • Fedora:

Fedora linux

What makes Fedora exceptionally good over other platforms is that it is fast. The most basic Gnome version of the Fedora is known to run faster on any PC or machine. You can compare any distros with this one and will be surprised with its performance.

Plus Points:

  • The Fedora comes with a 6 months cycle.
  • Everything in Fedora is open source and does not have any proprietary drivers.
  • Since Fedora is a sister project of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the users will get advantages of both the technologies.


  • Arch Linux

Arch Linux

If you are planning to invest in this platform for your work then you need to be patient a while. It comes with a Linux kernel but minus the graphical interface. So, if you are intending to build a base, you will have to pick each and every component as per your requirement. One will find it irritating to pick each and every element to run this platform. However, you need to understand the fact that it will be highly customized version and you will never be disappointed with its performance.

Plus Points:

  • Every Arch Linux comes with its repositories which are extensively tested.
  • The operating systems are reliable to work in different mediums.
  • It comes with an easy to follow instructions and extremely beginner-friendly.


  • Antergos:

Antergos linux

This one is an Arch-based and stands out to be one of the best Linux distro for programming.  It is a myth that this platform is simply installer and but it is an excellent medium for graphical user Interface. This platform uses the best of the repositories and has its own rolling release. This means you do not have to worry about its end life. It is available in most of the major languages.

Plus Points:

  • Antergos is known to be a software pre-installed but it also provides you with an opportunity to customize.
  • It is available with a myriad of wallpapers and icon packs.
  • There is no chance of instability when you are working with this programme.

Other Alternatives:

  • Kubuntu:

Kubuntu linux

Ubuntu has variations and one of it is Kubuntu. It uses the KDE desktop environment.

  • Mint:

linux mint

Linux Mint is known for its elegance and powerful performance. Its users have voted it to be one of the top rated Linux operating systems.

Deepin Linux

This one is slightly on the stylish Deepin Desktop Environment with an intention to attract the new Linux users. But, it is simple and intuitive.

  • Pop!_OS


Pop is released by the Linux manufacturer as their default operating system. It has its roots in Ubuntu and offers a unique theme that goes well with its brand identity.

As a programmer or developer one should be researched well on the platform that he or she would want to work. Chances are you might come across several programmes but in order to find the best Linux distro for programming, you need to set your requirements straight.

With clear goals and guidelines, you will be able to pick the best program for your work base.

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