Expectations of a new Breed of Data Centers
Innovation and the micro data centers have resulted in an increase of expectations in terms of the future of data. This is a result of the Internet. A large abundance of micro-data centers is expected to emerge and be deployed. Leading to newer and even more modern types of data centers. New infrastructure in newer places is expected to continue to be on the rise. Creating millions of connected devices along with the following:
* generating data from homes
* generating data from cars
* generating data from long and far reaches of industrial infrastructure
* data will be almost in every place and almost everywhere

data centerChanging the way People think about the Data Center
The innovation of the data centers continues to change the way people think, in general, about the standard data center. Everything seems to be shifting in terms of the paradigm. The modular micro data center can be compared to the record player in terms of where the innovation has been leading data. The standard and traditional data centers may have the same fate as the record player or the same as the 8-track tape player. Up-to-date data centers are taking the lead and the traditional data centers are being left behind. Innovation is indeed changing the way people have commonly thought about the management of data. Data is changing and so are data methods for managing it.

The Explosion of Connected Things
The reason we may be even newer types of data centers in many new places may be due to the fact that there has indeed been an explosion amongst us. This is in terms of connected to things. We all are in the process of optimizing around the needs of machine-to-machine. There are literally oceans of data to contend with along with the explosion. Connected things have led us to innovation and updated options.